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Property Manager

Leigh Taiaroa

0460 573 256

Leigh is a highly experienced and reliable property manager from New Zealand. She brings over 10 years of industry expertise to her role. Renowned for her meticulous attention to detail, practical approach, and sense of humour, Leigh offers a refreshing perspective shaped by her solid understanding of the local community and market dynamics.

As a long-term resident of Ipswich for almost 15 years, she possesses valuable insights into the area’s specific needs and preferences. Leigh is driven by her unwavering passion for developing and implementing highly effective leasing and marketing strategies, aiming to optimize occupancy rates and rental income for her esteemed clients.

Her commitment to compliance and legislation ensures that all properties under her management are meticulously governed by local regulations. With her exceptional problem-solving abilities and unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional service, Leigh establishes herself as a trustworthy and reliable property manager.

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