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Kristie Sulcs

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Kristie is a dynamic real estate agent who exudes energy and takes pride in being a trusted source of truth for her clients, even in an industry that may not always prioritize transparency. Her strong and diligent approach ensures unparalleled support for both buyers and sellers. She seamlessly navigates every aspect of the real estate process, from listing properties to skillfully negotiating and closing deals. Kristie is the perfect combination of efficiency and confidence.

Her guiding motto is simple yet powerful: “If you’re seeking an agent who tells you what you want to hear, I’m not the agent for you. However, if you’re looking for someone who will tell you what you need to hear, then I’m the agent you can rely on.” With this philosophy, Kristie demonstrates her commitment to honesty and ensuring her clients make informed decisions.

Beyond her professional achievements, Kristie is a dedicated member of the Greater Springfield community. Her involvement with the Springfield Panthers Rugby League Club as a Major Sponsor speaks volumes about her dedication to giving back and supporting local initiatives. As a loving mother of three and a proud Panthers parent herself, Kristie deeply understands the value of community connections and the importance of fostering friendships through shared experiences.

In summary, Kristie is an energetic and trustworthy real estate agent who goes above and beyond for her clients. Her dedication to delivering the truth, her unwavering support, and her commitment to the community make her a standout professional in the industry.

5 stars / 50 reviews
as at 30/01/2023
4.9 stars / 67 reviews
as at 30/01/2023

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